Baptist Theological School Novi Sad

The Baptist Theological School of Serbia is differentiated by its careful, discerning teaching of the fullness of Scripture regarding God, His church and salvation, by the refutation of doctrinal error, and by completely equipping the man of God for gospel work.

A word from our President, Dr. Ondrej Franka

Welcome to the adventure of Christian Education in Serbia! Following the mandate of Christ given in the Great Commission, we strive to make disciples, which is essential in the life and mission of the local Church. We strongly believe that each Christian should be a student of the Word and help others to grow in their faith of Jesus Christ. Thus the inspired and infallible Word of God is central in our curriculum and its application into everyday life and ministry. Following the same missionary mandate of Christ we believe that the main ministry of the Church today is to spread the Good News of Christ to every creature.

While we faithfully strive to teach the Word of God in many different methods, all of the courses are designed to provide the knowledge, the skill and the character of Christ. Hence the essential parts of the student\'s spiritual formation are included: to know the Word, to do the work of ministry, and to be a humble servant of the Lord. It is our conviction that the Church of Jesus Christ today needs such well-rounded servants.

The Baptist Theological Seminary is located in the city of Novi Sad, in the northern part of the country of Serbia. We are a theological institution of the Serbian Baptist Union, dedicated to training pastors and Christian leaders for effective service. For over 70 years BTS has been training men and women for the pastorate and Christian leadership in and out of the church. Some of our graduates have gone on to obtain higher degrees from other institutions in Serbia as well as other countries.

The seminary started in 1939 in the capitol city of Belgrade, just before World War II. With the help of Southern Baptists the building was purchased for this purpose as the first students enrolled. Unfortunately, this new seminary had trained just one generation of leaders when the war stopped it at its beginnings. After the war ended, BTS moved to Zagreb, then to Daruvar and finally to its present location in Novi Sad. Godly men and women throughout the years of its ministry led it faithfully and contributed to what it stands for today - a solid educational institution for training Christian leaders and pastors.

We pray as you look through this Catalogue you will catch a vision of what God is doing among us and consider being a part of it.