Educational Philosophy

We believe that Christian teachers must be careful and discerning in their teaching (James 3:1). As such, we know that we must be careful to not only teach truth, but point out error, dangerous theological paths and destructive lifestyles to those placed under our care. Students are at BTS to understand the truths of Scripture for their own spiritual good and the good of others. They should not be left to sort through doctrines which may be mutually exclusive and contrary to what Scripture teaches without guidance.

At the same time, instructors at BTS will teach the entire word of God in a holistic way. In Christian education there should be a balance between academic freedom and academic responsibility. Freedom in any orderly relationship of human life is always limited and never absolute. The freedom of a teacher in a Christian school, college, or seminary is limited by the pre-eminence of the person and work of Jesus Christ, by the authority of the Scriptures, and by the distinct purpose for which the school exists.

As BTS believes it is preparing men and women for Christian service, students are required to have a credible profession of faith in Jesus Christ. However, BTS is also open to people from any biblically legitimate church.

BTS distinguishes itself as a solidly biblical institute of theological education on a number of levels:
- Cross-denominational yet uncompromising commitment to gospel truths.
- Determined to correct, rebuke, train and teach the word of God so as to remain faithful to lead students into truth and away from erroneous doctrines;
- Qualified Christian instructors who have the education and experience to lead men and women;
- A well-rounded curriculum that exposes the students to many facets of Christian service, yet focuses on the most important aspects of needful education;
- Contributing to faithful doctrinally mature churches in which students can gain practical training and experience;

Graduation in this institution should enable the student to demonstrate growth and development in all spheres of life:

SPIRITUALLY, by cultivating a dynamic personal understanding of the triune God as he relates to daily living. This should be evidenced by an active commitment to Christ and the administration of his church;
CULTURALLY, by a consistent Christian witness within a Serbian context in order that the verbal witness of the church will be relevant and effective in practical social experiences;
INTELLECTUALLY, by a comprehensive understanding of the truth of God revealed in the Scriptures of living Christian doctrines, and of the illumination given by historical development within the church;
VOCATIONALLY, by translating intellectual foundations into concrete ministry experiences issuing in the edification of the body of Christ.

Evaluation of Goals

In order to evaluate courses in various educational programs, BTS seeks to strengthen students in their personal Christian life and spiritual development. These items belong to the ontological domain, i.e., these are the objects that address the student as a person being in service.

We believe that the intellectual development of students consists not only of the courses that are directly related to the Bible, Christian doctrine and history of the Church, but also includes general education courses that support and assist students to these subjects connected with the world in which he lives. These items belong to the cognitive domain of the person in Christian service.

BTS consistently seeks feedback from students, faculty and teachers. Regularly, the Academic Dean evaluates and submits analyses of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to BTS. BTS Board meets yearly to discuss the progress of the school.