Dear future students,

Because we wish to make the enrollment as simple as possible, we have divided it into 5 steps that will logically guide you through the BTS enrollment process.

Contact us is the first (and of course logical) step. You can do this through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the BTS website that you are currently on, or through our mailbox - bts.novisad@gmail.com . We are always at your disposal for additional information you may need as well as for help and encouragement.


This is your first official step of becoming a BTS student. This interview serves to get to know each other as well as to introduce how BTS works. You will be presented with all of the options for your studies, and also all the obligations you may need to consider. This helps you prepare better for future interaction.

One of the most important areas of the enrollment process is recommendations. Future students will need to provide us with two e-mail addresses where recommendation forms will be sent. The recommendation forms are completed in electronic form.

It is best if the recommendation forms are completed by a pastor and close friend (not close family member).

Recommendations must be honest, unbiased, and objective. This way we can directly influence potential conflicting areas that might occur later. Remember, all we do must glorify God!

After we have received the recommendation forms, the enrollment process is reaching its “finish line”. All that future student has left to do is complete the actual enrollment form that school will send to the student`s e-mail address. The form will contain students’ personal information as well as the name of a proctor who will be overseeing a student during post modular assignments. Close family members cannot be proctors! In this form the student will also be given a chance to choose his financial plan.

At the beginning of your education at BTS we want to brief you in the details of how BTS works: what the school policies are, how to do your tests, helping you how to be an effective student as well as many bigger and smaller things. This is presented in “Orientation” – the first course you will have.