Dwayne Baldwin

Being raised in a spiritually eclectic home, I had no knowledge of true saving faith until I was an adult. My parents were unbelievers, but my mother “experimented” with various cults, New Ageism and the occult. As a child I was sent to church camps and various denominational churches as it was perceived as “good for me”.

In 1989 at the age of 26, I was in a non-denominational church in Evansville, Indiana hearing the gospel being preached. My main thought was confusion – how could I really be sure I was a Christian? After being told by the pastor to “go home and pray about it”, I followed his advice with no palpable effect. Soon after, I was listening to Charles Stanley on television, and was convicted of something I had been missing. I realized that Christ’s life, death and resurrection wasn’t just for sins of the world in general. The problem was my personal sin! I was the one who was guilty of sinning against a holy God. Christ was the “Lamb of the God who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29). Once God revealed my personal sin to me, that it was an offense to Him personally, and that I was hopeless, I felt desperate for Christ to save me and called out to Him with true repentance and faith. Soon after this, I was baptized at the church I was attending. 

In 1991, I was on a team of believers to help plant a church in Newburgh, Indiana with a special focus – “seekers”. This church was modeled after Willow Creek Church in Chicago. During the year I was helping plant this church, I was also reading material about the Doctrines of Grace and realizing that the church I was in had major problems, both practically and theologically. I eventually read the 1689 London Confession, and recognized it as the truth that I had believed all along about God and the Scriptures. Believing the church I was in to be weak if not dangerous, I visited Heritage Baptist Church in nearby Owensboro, KY with some friends. After one visit, I knew this was where I needed to be. After two visits, I met the woman who would later become my wife.

I fell in love with the beauty of studying God, studying theology, and knowing Christ deeper than I ever had before. I joined Heritage in 1992, and was privileged to be able to teach and lead in many ways there. I eventually served for many years as both Deacon and Chairman of the Deaconate. 

Although I have been interested in missions the entirety of my Christian life, and investigated different organizations, I felt the call of God to pursue missions full-time around 2009. I shared this with my wife Kimberly who also believed the Lord was leading us to the mission field. I sought counsel and education about my call from my pastors and other men, developed ways to discern my giftedness and abilities, and most importantly, sought out avenues to investigate missions personally. In 2011, I went to Romania for two weeks with my son to preach and teach throughout the country. In 2012, my family went with me to Romania for a month to live in Brasov and assist with a church plant there. Through these experiences, education, counsel from pastors and others, personal desires, ministry background, teaching history, aptitudes and giftedness, I believe my call to the mission field was confirmed. Sensing my need to be as prepared as possible theologically, I enrolled into Reformed Baptist Seminary to earn my Master’s degree in Systematic Theology which I completed in 2015. My hope is to pursue my Th.M. degree as I am able.

My family moved to Novi Sad, Serbia in December 2013 to work with the Baptist Theological School. Four of my five boys moved with us. We feel confident that three of our boys are converted (Alex, Aidan and Graham). We are unsure of the conversion of our last two, Andrew and David. Though they are all well-behaved and love us, we are looking for more of a heart for Christ in our youngest two boys.

My conversion marked the beginning of a life of hatred of sin and love for Christ that I’d never known before. The very thought of the name of Jesus had the effect, and still does, of making my heart beat faster. I know that I am desperate for His salvation, as He is my only hope for reconciliation with God in life and death. My desire is to finish the race well, and to be living evidence that God delights to use the insignificant things of the world to accomplish His will and glorify Himself.

Theological Influencers:

  • Syst Theology – Berkhof, Grudem
  • Word – Geisler
  • Faith/NT / Paul – Schreiner
  • Ecclesiology – Dever
  • Contemp. Christianity – Horton
  • God and Sovereignty – Packer, Sproul, Bavinck, Pink
  • Eschatology – Waldron, Hoekema
  • Bible Theology – Goldsworthy
  • Carson
  • Christian Living – Piper, Jon Bloom