Mark Redfern

1. Please introduce yourself.

My name is Mark Redfern and I currently serve as one of the pastors of Heritage Baptist Church in Owensboro, KY. I have been married to my wife, Katie, since 2003. We have three children: Judson (9), Piper (6), and Caroline (4). Before pastoring full-time, I taught middle school Social Studies for 11 years from 2003-2014. In 2014, I was called to serve our church full time in the areas of preaching and administration. 

2. Please tell us about your theological training. 

As I mentioned, before entering pastoral ministry full-time, I served as a public school teacher, so my initial degrees are in the areas of education. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Middle School Education (emphases in Social Studies and Language Arts) from Murray State University and a Masters of Education (emphasis in Integrated Curriculum and Instruction) from Covenant College. In terms of theological training, I have a Masters of Divinity from Reformed Baptist Seminary and anticipate doing further theological studies in the future. 

3. What brief advice would you give our students? 

My two words of advice are simple: be humble and hungry. Hunger is so important, as it serves as the inner drive to know God and His word. My prayer is that you would hunger to know God more and never be satisfied with your present knowledge of Him. Additionally, it is equally critical that we be humble. Ironically, the more we know God, the less we feel like we know Him, because His greatness is unsearchable.